Welcome to CUSMUN IX

March 25, 26 & 27 – 2020

Location: Colegio Cumbres

Message from Secretary-General

Dear Delegates,

Receive all a warm welcome to the ninth version of the Cumbres School Model United Nations, CUSMUN.

“People change when they realize they have the potential to change things.” Paulo Coelho.

We are here to discover ourselves; to realize the ability we have to make a change. This is the perfect opportunity to exploit our capabilities, and understand a reality: that we, the new generation, are able to change the world with which we have to cope. 

We are more than happy to have you again as a partaker, and we cannot wait for you to overcome your fears, demonstrating what you are truly capable of, and, more importantly, to enjoy this enriching experience. We are sure that each one of you will stand out in CUSMUN IX.

Do not hesitate to contact us at our email cusmun@cumbresmedellin.edu.co if you have any questions or concerns.

Pablo Ortega Londoño – Secretary General CUSMUN IX

Message from Faculty:


The quest for global peace and mutual understanding among states has been a constant throughout world history. It is our duty as global citizens to engage, understand, and create a positive impact in a world in need of leaders. Be welcome delegates to a world where the social order and the rules of interaction are constantly being redefined, be welcome to an academic exercise where you are invited to embrace the world, be welcome to CUSMUN.

Mr. Simón Flórez Montoya – CUSMUN Director

Logistics Staff

María Paulina Restrepo Zapata – Secretary of Logistics

Luisa Fernanda Gómez García – Under-Secretary of Logistics

Press Staff

Andréa Vélez Vásquez – Secretary of Press

Carlos Eduardo Santaella Álvarez – Under-Secretary of Press