Welcome to CUSMUN XI

March 1,2 & 3 2020

Location: Colegio Cumbres

Message from Secretary-General

Dear delegate,
I am pleased to greet and welcome you to the eleventh version of the Model of the United Nations of Cumbres’ school, CUSMUN XI.

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves”.

Abraham Lincoln

It is crucial to fight against ignorance, to be optimistic and trust in oneself, to be aware of the abilities that we possess, because that is what will drive us to success. Today, we find ourselves in a society that demonstrates incompetence when making political decisions, detrimentally impacting all aspects of society. Delegates, we are here to enhance our capabilities, to go further, to go deeper, not to settle for the superficial information that we are provided, and to find our leadership, communication, and persuasion capacities to reach solutions that lead us to progress along the way of global peace. We are the ones who are part of the future of the world, it is in our hands to prepare ourselves to combat all the mediocrity that is imposed on us during the path of our lives. Activities like these are what will prepare us for these challenges that we will soon face.

You all have an equal opportunity to develop during the days of debate, take advantage, get ahead, argue, fight your nerves, do not let yourself be defined by others or by your delegation, remember that it is you who define your triumph, not the media in those who are, you are the designers of your dreams.

I am extremely happy to have you as participants in this great activity, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest, I trust that each one will be outstanding and will make this model something incredible and valuable. Do not hesitate to contact us at our email cumbresmun@cumbresmedellin.edu.co in case you have any concerns.

Erika Sofia Santaella Alvarez – General Secretary – CUSMUN XI

Message from Faculty:


The quest for global peace and mutual understanding among states has been a constant throughout world history. It is our duty as global citizens to engage, understand, and create a positive impact in a world in need of leaders. Be welcome delegates to a world where the social order and the rules of interaction are constantly being redefined, be welcome to an academic exercise where you are invited to embrace the world, be welcome to CUSMUN.

Mr. Simón Flórez Montoya – CUSMUN Director

Logistics Staff
Alejandro Gómez – Secretary of Logistics
Magdalena Ceballos – Sub-Secretary of Logistics 

Press Staff

María José Ramírez – Secretary of Press
Miguel Londoño  – Sub-Secretary of Press